Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where to Buy Barringer Books

People have been asking where they can buy my books. It varies a bit. You can always check my website, type my name into Amazon or Powells, or even email me directly. Otherwise, here's a quick list of links for each book.

There's Nothing Funny About Design ($18-25): Amazon, Powells, Barnes & Noble, Princeton, Chronicle. It's even in some bookstores, like Barnes & Noble.

American Home Life ($12): new copies at Powells, from me, and from the publisher; other copies through resellers at Amazon.

Johnny Red ($7-16): Amazon, Powells, the publisher, and me.

What Happened to Us These Last Couple Years? ($20): Powells, and me here and here.

Opium Magazine: current issue 9 and back issues at Opium; Opium 3 at Amazon; back issues 3, 5 and 6 from me.

Unbound ($25 or $4.99): This is the book on the future of the legal industry, with info here; purchase it through the publisher; at Amazon in hardcover or Kindle; can also get a signed copy from me.

7. The Dead Bug Funeral Kit ($20): there are only five left, available through

American Mutt Barks in the Yard: Emigre 68: This is pretty much sold out. New and used copies are at Amazon. They are expensive. A few pages of American Mutt are reprinted in Emigre 70, a best-of collection (see post below). That's at Amazon and Emigre.

We Were Ugly So We Made Beautiful Things ($7-8, Kindle $2.50): Amazon, Powells, Barnes and Noble, Word Riot.

The Leap and Other Mistakes ($10-35): I took this out of print way over a year ago, but for some reason you can still find new (and of course used) copies at Alibris, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble. I don't get any royalties for these, so I don't know what's going on.

11. Other stuff, like the Writer's Specimen, Picasso Plates, postcards, posters, and more, can be had through me at
my site.