Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Interview, New Book Kudos

There's Nothing Funny About Design was included in I.D. Magazine's roundup of contributors' books in their November issue. Alissa Walker, a writer and blogger (at, has a shot of the I.D. page here, as well as a super nice comment about yours truly:

There’s Nothing Funny About Design: Essays that are sometimes about design but always laugh-out-loud hilarious by design’s greatest contemporary wit, David Barringer."

Nothing Funny
also received a quick mention in How Magazine's October issue: "Fresh and funny essays from the winner of the 2008 AIGA Winterhouse Award for design writing."

My interview with Nate Voss of Omaha is available at 36 Point. Here's their intro:

"We got word that
David Barringer was coming through Omaha to judge the AIGA Nebraska Show, and jumped at the chance to talk with him. Well, I ended up being in LA at the time, so I had Steve Gordon step in for me on this one (which was a good decision, because the recording is a hoot). Besides discussing his Bug Kit and new book, There's Nothing Funny About Design (with a cover by Felix Sockwell), the discussion ranges from Emigre, Chuck, the difference between stealing and an homage, service vs. commodity, Shogun Warriors and other random topics. Buried in the conversation is also great advice on getting freelance writing, design business models, clients and a mention of David Barringer's article on top hats."

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