Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots to Catch Up On

Listen to my radio interview with Rich Fisher of Public Radio Tulsa.

My lecture at the
Philbrook Museum of Art on August 20 was fantastic. The Philbrook folks know what they're doing. They not only treated me like royalty, they promoted the event like professionals, set up flawlessly the technical aspects of the podium and projector, and handled the book sales perfectly. For every talk I give hereafter, I want the Philbrook treatment.

I was recently
interviewed for the Charlotte AIGA Chapter website.

I recently wrote about the
graphics of motorhomes for Voice, about speaking tips for Voice, and about the Bauhaus and IKEA for Design Observer.

As for press, my book
There's Nothing Funny About Design has been mentioned by James Wolcott in Vanity Fair, by Holly Willis in Voice, and by Brian Fichtner at Cool Hunting.

Writes Willis: "[R]eaders learn from Barringer a particular stance, one that acknowledges the flux of cultural context, and that design invariably entails the often neglected or acknowledged practice of ideological and cultural Frisbee, grabbing an icon and flipping it back, with a good twist. Barringer’s real achievement, then, is laying bare some of the rules of this game in essays that never, ever use words like

Writes Fichtner: "Few writers can speak about graphic design with the alacrity and sharp-tongued criticism of the self-taught David Barringer. This collection of essays on everything from the letter X to DVD covers bristles with energy and metaphoric prose."

I.D. Magazine is supposed to run a review of the book in an upcoming issue. Stay tuned.

Opium Magazine Issue 8 has garnered press around the world, literally, like in fifteen countries, and named the cover one of the seven best magazine-cover technical innovations, up there with covers from Time, Wired, Rolling Stone, and Esquire.

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