Monday, June 22, 2009

1,000-year Opium 8 Cover in the Press

Here is a list of the media coverage given the cover of Opium Magazine, Issue 8. The cover concept is by Jonathon Keats, I designed the issue, and the editor is Todd Zuniga. A new store for purchasing copies at Opium is almost complete.

Daily Heller
The Independent
Inside Catholic
Even in the
Russian press and the Swiss press.

Reading the comments in the Fark thread are like listening to trash talk in the break room at Pet Smart. However, no one in any of the other press outlets has yet taken the opportunity to think very deeply about the cover concept. I was hoping someone would wonder, "What could I write today that would be of interest to someone 1,000 years from now?" The concept challenges our ideas about writing for posterity, about the immortality of art, and about communication to successive generations. If you could communicate to someone a millennium from now, what would you say? "Don't press the red button," or "Duck," or perhaps "We tried."

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